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Aqua Rings on Simple Tumbler

Aqua Rings on Simple Tumbler

On this simple tumbler, small aqua rings hang freely from loops. 


The end of a metal rod has been coated with kiln wash.  Glass is trailed on, and a roulade tool used to create the pattern we see.  The ring is gently tapped free of the metal rod and placed in vermiculite for gradual cooling.  This simple tumbler illustrates the use of the rings.  A small amount of glass is added, cut free of its gathering iron.  The ring placed on, upper attachment point is made, and the glass cast free.  Because the ring is round, thermal shock is no issue. 

object information
Decorative Technique(s):
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Aqua Rings on Simple Tumbler
Accession Number:
Overall H: 15.2 cm; Rim Diam: 9.6 cm; Foot Diam: 7.6 cm
Place Made:
Venice, Italy
Bequest of Jerome Strauss

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