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Quatrefoil Goblet

Quatrefoil Goblet

In this video, a crimp-edge molding tool sandwiches the glass between a solid form on the inside and metal jaws on the outside to create a quatrefoil shape.  This technique would be the last step in the making of a quatrefoil goblet.


This quatrefoil opening was created by a curious technique and a specialized tool.  More common is the fin mold.  The quatrefoil shape is created with a tool with two parts: an inner part and outer jaws that squeeze inward.  This is the last thing to be done in the process of making the goblet. 

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Winged Goblet. Colorless, with grayish tinge; translucent turquoise blue
Accession Number:
Overall H: 17.3 cm, W: 11.1 cm; Foot Diam: 11 cm
Place Made:
probably Italy, Venice

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