Bit Work (Morise)


Shear marks are smoothed by fire polishing; some types of decoration have cast-off trails (best detected by touch)

flame polished shear marks on handles
FIG. 66

Venetian goblet of the 16th or 17th century with “chain and scroll” decoration and “early,” smooth, fire-polished shear marks at lowermost parts of scrolls (see arrow). The Corning Museum of Glass (79.3.212).

19th Century

Shear marks are rough and can be sharp (best detected by touch); cast-off trails are almost never seen

handle with sharp shear marks
FIG. 67

Venetian object, made after 1860, having “late,” sharp shear marks at lowermost part of handles, as well as at uppermost part of pincered decoration atop handles (see arrows). The Corning Museum of Glass (73.3.440).